• Patient Management

  • Schedule Management

  • Reminders & Alerts

  • Complete EMR

  • Symptoms & Diagnosis

  • Medicines & Prescriptions

  • Billing & Records

  • Reports & Analysis

  • Referrals & more

  • Complete Medical Care

Schedule Management & Notifications

Reduce waiting times at the clinic through QuiCli's smarter appointment management. Increase patient engagement by sending appointment notifications and reminders to reduce no-shows.

More Patients in Less Time

QuiCli's intuitive touch screen interface works wonders to ensure that you do less typing and engage more with Patients. Our smart auto-complete features and templates help you to reduce your consultation times.

Prescription Printing in a snap

QuiCli's smart prescription ensures that you build on top of your past prescriptions and print them in 30 seconds flat. What's more, you can keep a complete track of your past prescriptions for your patients.

Smart Analytics

Better data analysis leads to better diagnosis and better diagnosis leads to healthy and happy Patients. Plot Lab Investigation data to better understand Patient response to medications and treatments. What's more, Get hold of the commercial side of your practice by tracking your consultation trends, referrals and prescriptions over time.

Hassle-free Setup

QuiCli does not require huge IT infrastructure at the Clinic. Our pre-populated Medicine, Lab Investigations and Allergies data ensures that you need a few minutes of initial set-up to get started with QuiCli.

Comprehensive Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

QuiCli's comprehensive EMR registers everything from past diseases, past surgeries, pre-consultation medications, allergies, symptoms, diagnosis, medical notes and much more so that you are presented with a comprehensive view of the Patient's medical data. No more lost patient files, no more half baked diagnoses on limited data.

Power of Cloud for your Clinic

QuiCli stores your data on the cloud securely so that you never lose your data. Ever! Lost or broken device? Just log into QuiCli with another device and all your data comes back as you left it.

Support Desk for Handholding

QuiCli's support desk ensures complete handholding with training for you and your administrative staff. Got a query? Stuck somewhere? We're just a phone call away!

Best Technology for your Clinic

QuiCli employs the best and the latest technology stack to help you engage with your Patients better and improve outcomes. We are constantly striving to upgrade the capabilities of QuiCli so that our doctors are equipped with the best. What's more, your subscription includes all the future upgrades of QuiCli.

And Much More...

That's not all. QuiCli lets you print fitness / leave certificates in one-click, track patient allergies, create and assign diet plans to patients, show educational content to patients and much More!

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QuiCli is available on a monthly subscription basis.

Pricing is based on number of users, monthly free SMS units, customization and support.
All active subscribers receive free upgrades

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  • Does QuiCli require large IT Infrastructure?

    Our cloud backbone enables QuiCli to be very light on infrastructure needs at the Clinic. Doctors need to have Tablets/PCs on which to use QuiCli ...

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  • How much time does setting up the system take?

    QuiCli administrators need to configure your system once at the start and you will be up and running the system in a matter of a couple of hours. Believe Us!

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  • I am not comfortable with Technology. Can I get a helping hand?

    QuiCli helpline ensures that you get all your queries addressed in real-time. We will ensure handholding till you get...

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  • Dr. Snehal Tanna

    Diabetologist, Thane

    Great Product. QuiCli is easy to use and the touch interface is the real game changer. The support is very helpful and prompt in resolving queries. Very happy with QuiCli experience.
  • QuiCli has been a great help in managing my patients with its smart and easy features. The team has been quick to respond to my customization requests. They have done a great handholding job for my staff. I wish them luck for future.

    Dr. Dharmen Punatar

    Diabetologist, Mumbai

  • Dr. Ashish Sarwate

    Diabetologist, Thane

    Even though I had limited prior exposure to computers, I managed to pick-up QuiCli in a matter of a couple of weeks, thanks to its touch-screen features. Great Futuristic Product!